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My Amiga projects!!

A600 Re-build
How to take 2 old A600s and create one very new-looking machine! I'm now at the re-build point and things are looking good!!
A600 Re-build

A1200 Tower
I built this ages ago and it stood in my mates loft for years. I've since recovered it, stripped it down and re-built it with some added extras. A nice, easy project and some good tips for those wanting to build their A1200 into a tower.
A1200 Tower Project

A500 Restoration Project
Got myself a nice A500 of eBay for about 16GBP. It's yellow as hell, chipped and has a faulty key-spring. But, other than that, it works fine. Follow the restoration here.
A500 Restoration Project

Amiga 600

     So, how do you end up with a spanking new-looking Amiga A600? Well, I decided to take an odd approach. Instead of getting a nice, clean A600 and tarting it up, I actually got 2 different machines and took the best bits from them. Here's how it went.

     It all started when I stumbled across an A600 in a second-hand shop. The bloke wanted 20GBP for it so I bit his hand off and headed home with my quarry. The unit worked, but the keyboard membrane was faulty and there was some cosmetic damage. So I headed off to eBay to try and get a tidier model.

     A couple of weeks (and 16GBP) later and another A600 lands on my doorstep. This one had a faulty motherboard and floppy drive, but the case, keyboard and ROM were all good. I set about dismantling the pair.

     Once I had them in bits I took to whitening the cases. The English Amiga Board is a wealth of information and there's a thread about using peroxide solutions to aid whitening. The concoctions now go by the name of Retr0brite, but some folk are now using this as a verb as well as a noun!!

Here's a half-retr0brited case (right) compared to a fully retr0brited top case. You can't see too much difference here, but in the flesh it looks great:


Here's the full parts list. All cleaned up and ready for the rebuild:

a600 in bits

First up is the keyboard. It was disassembled and then retr0brited before being washed in the sink with a toothbrush. Obviously the membrane and metal baseplate have been removed so all we need to worry about are the steel springs. A quick blast with a hair-drier and a night in the airing cupboard and we're ready to go.

a600 kb bits

In goes the first screw. Only another 20 to go!! I'm not sure if there's a correct order to insert these, but I did the 4 corners and then worked from the inside out.

a600 kb screw

The finished product. Clean, tidy and ready to by installed.
a600 kb raw


...:: AMIGA LINKS ::...
Must-visit Amiga sites!

Amiga, Inc.
The corporate side. Amiga fans may be a little disappointed!

Classic Amiga
Great site for news, info and resources. A good place to start.

Wikipedia Amiga
If you're unsure what all the fuss is about, head over to this site first!

English Amiga Board
My favourite Amiga forum. Have a read and then sign up!

Lemon Amiga
Fantastic Amiga site! News, views, information, the works.

...and there's more!
For an even more detailed list of Amiga links:
Amiga Links

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